An Assessment of Mid-Infrared Generation by Four-wave-mixing in Silicon-on-Insulator Waveguide

By: Faiz Sulaiman
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Mid infrared technologies are actively developed because it is more specialised in the current technologies. However, the development of material for mid infrared equipment is limited. In this project, the possibility of generating mid-infrared light will be examined. It is solely simulated using waveguide modesolver in Matlab software. The objectives are to identify a suitable refractive index dispersion model; estimate the non-linear refractive index for silicon; determine the effective refractive index of guided modes at near-and mid-infrared wavelengths in a silicon-on-insulator and; generation of four-wave-mixing curves. It is observed that for small area waveguide dimension will results in low cut off wavelength and the transverse electric (TE) polarisation modes has high effective refractive index than transverse magnetic (TM) polarisation modes. For the generation of four-wave mixing curves, the quadratic curve fitting of the effective refractive index as a function of wavelength results in same wavelength for both pump and the signal.

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