Can pre-shot enhance attention focus and concentration in archery performance

By: Amirullah Sallehan
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The purpose of this study is to explore the nature of pre-shot routines used in archery as this may help to improve performance for competitive archers. This study also aims to analyse attention focus and concentration in archery performance through the implementation of pre-shot routines. This research was undertaken as there was no attempted research been done in archery, as it has only been done in other sports, specifically golf. This research study was based on a review of observations and interviews of the participant to gather information and data collection. The qualitative research used single-case study research for this study as it was collecting data from one participant. This helped in understanding how to apply the pre-shot routine package as an intervention to one participant. A similar research framework has been adopted using the same approach towards playing golf and this framework has been altered and modified into different method phases to make it more suitable to archery. The findings underline that there is an increase in shooting performance after the implementation of pre-shot routine package into the participant's training routine. It needs more practice to enable the pre-shot routine to give an impact on the overall performance. The main conclusion to be drawn from this study is that the participant managed to improve on his attention focus and concentration while aiming throughout the implementation of pre-shot. Further research on this study is required to be conducted in outdoor environment or replicating the current study within a group of archers or among different genders. Other than that the pre-shot routine package should be mastered in further depth or by professionals to ensure that this study can maximise the overall performance.

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