Digital Business in Brunei Darussalam

By: Digital Business in Brunei Darussalam
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Digital entrepreneurs becoming a new phenomena in Bruneian society as more and more entrepreneurs can be seen setting up their business pages in Facebook. This phenomena is a very good opportunity for the Brunei government to take it as a way to diversify its economy. There is no denying that a lot of incentive has been taken throughout several National Development Plan but until now, it has not been achieving its satisfying results. Although some of the plans did work out, but the total profits didn't even outmatch the income made by oil and gas sector. This study explores the capabilities of the society on digital business through several aspects. It is also to identify the problem faced by the digital entrepreneurs in Brunei in order to see the possibilities of setting up Bruneian version of 'eBay' or taking the idea of eBay as a successful business platform as a role model for creating a good business platform in Brunei. In this research, qualitative and quantitative approaches are used to answer the research questions in this study. The findings suggest that Bruneian has more capabilities in doing digital business as they are much more preferred doing business in the digital world rather than in 'real world'. Problems faced by digital entrepreneurs can be solved by gaining more experience and knowledge on digital business and understanding more deeply on how this type of business works. Government should take an action to help Brunei entrepreneurs in digital business and may open the possibilities of adding a way to diversify the Brunei's economy.

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